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How to visit Casa Batlló, a jewel of Gaudí in Barcelona

Barcelona Casa Batllò modernist building designed by Antoni Gaudí, located on the golden mile of Barcelona Passeig de Gracia, surrounded by sophisticated fashion shops.

About Barcelona Gaudí Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló is one of the most touristic places in Barcelona and, therefore, one of the places to see in Barcelona’s Eixample. It attracts a million visitors every year! It is located in the heart of the city, on Paseo de Gracia, which in its day was the street where the wealthiest families of the Catalan capital settled. Josep Batlló, a textile businessman, bought a building at the beginning of the 20th century and hired Gaudí to remodel it.

Gaudí was not just an architect, but he transformed a regular house into a complete work of art. He completely changed the façade and exteriors, endowing them with curved shapes and elements inspired by nature, including Casa Batlló, among the most beautiful in Barcelona.

The block where it is located is called the ‘Block of Discord‘ because there are several houses that are great exponents of Modernism and are signed by some of its best architects. Alongside Gaudí’s Casa Batlló stand the Casa Amatller, by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, the Casa Lleó i Morera, by Lluís Domènech i Montaner, the Casa Mulleras, by Enric Sagnier, and the Casa Bonet, by Marceliano Coquillat.

Points of interest in Casa Batlló

Visiting Casa Batlló is letting your imagination fly, just as Gaudí did in his day. On the house tour, you will have an audio guide that explains each corner, but there are several places that you should pay more attention to.

The facade

The first thing you will see that will capture all your attention when walking along Paseo de Gracia is its façade. Incredibly colourful due to the trencadís effect, a technique that Gaudí used when composing mosaics with ceramic pieces, you will immediately be transported to nature. The balconies are adorned with masks, which remind me of owls’ eyes, and the roof has scales as if it were a dragon. There is a theory that the building represents the legend of the dragon and Sant Jordi, the patron saint of Catalonia, who would kill the animal to free the princess from it and the people from it.

The noble plant

Also, from the outside, you can see the large window on the Noble floor, where the house’s main living room would be located. It would be a space to see and be seen, as described at the time, since being located in the “Block of Discord” had to show the power.

Once inside, when you visit, you will be able to visit this space and occupy the place where you see and be seen. But, of course, the house is empty of furniture, so you will have to make a creative effort to imagine what that moment would be like at the beginning of the last century.

Lights courtyard

The patio of lights is an essential part of Casa Batlló, and thanks to it, the light is distributed throughout all the rooms. It is covered with blue tiles in different shades, which may seem curious, but it has an explanation. On the lower floors, the windows are large, and the tiles are in lighter tones to better reflect the light and the more clarity in those areas of the house less exposed to the sun. Meanwhile, the windows are smaller on the upper floors, and the tiles are darker.

Casa Batlló rooftop

The visit ends on the rooftop, where you can look at the dragon effect of its curved and colourful tiles. To get to it, you will first go through the attic, which seems to remind you of a rib cage with its white vaults. But, will it be the ribs of the dragon?

In addition to observing the dragon, you can see the curious chimneys with their curved shapes on the roof. In addition, you can enjoy the views over Paseo de Gracia and Barcelona.

Casa Batlló 10D Experience

Casa Batlló offers you a new journey into the mind of Gaudí with new and innovative immersive rooms, technological installations and intelligent devices. The CÚPULA GAUDÍ and the CUBO GAUDÍ embellish this UNESCO World Heritage Site and will make you travel inside the mind of Antoni Gaudí.

Information to visit Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló is open every day between 09:00 and 21:00, so you have plenty of time to visit it. Take note to find out how to buy tickets and get there.

How to buy the ticket to visit Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló is one of the most visited monuments in Barcelona, ​​so I recommend that you buy your ticket in advance. It is possible that if you wait to get the ticket at the box office, there will not be for that day or the following ones, so it is better not to take risks.

There are three types of entry

As I told you, there are three types of tickets to visit Casa Batlló.

Blue ticket costs 25 euros and is the basic ticket. It only includes the intelligent guide to follow the visit with the explanations.

Silver ticket costs 33 euros. In addition, the intelligent guide allows you to visit the Modernist Hall, the only one in the house decorated with period furniture.

Gold ticket costs 35 euros and includes both the intelligent guide and access to the Modernist Hall. In addition, you can take a vintage portrait and access it without queues. You can buy any of them here, choosing the day and time of the visit.

How to get to Casa Batlló

Located in the heart of Barcelona, ​​it is very easy to get to Casa Batlló. If you are in other city areas, you can choose to take the train or the metro to Passeig de Gràcia station.

With the railway, you can arrive on lines R2, R2S or R2N from Sants station or terminal 2 of El Prat airport. If you opt for the metro, lines 2, 3 and 4 will take you to the very door of Casa Batlló.

The most logical thing is that before visiting Casa Batlló, you are already in the city’s centre. In addition, on Paseo de Gracia, there are other tourist places, such as Casa Amatller or Casa Milá (La Pedrera), as well as being an important commercial hub, so you will end up walking through it sooner or later.

If you do not want to visit Casa Batlló from the inside but would like to know about its history, you can take a free tour of Gaudí in which they explain his construction techniques and what inspired him to create this building.

Regardless of how you decide to visit it, it would be best if you took a walk around Paseo de Gracia to at least see its impressive façade and let yourself be captivated by Gaudí’s imagination. If it is one of the most visited places in Barcelona, ​​it must be for a reason.

Casa Batlló official website: Barcelona Casa Batllo (tickets)