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Barcelona Plaza Reial

All about the Plaza Real (Plaça Reial), one of the most visited places in Barcelona. Situated in the Gothic Quarter, next to Las Ramblas, it is a place with both atmosphere and history.

Due to its beauty, life and location, The Plaza Reial is one of the most frequented places by tourists who visit the city of Barcelona, known for its beauty, uniqueness and excellent leisure offer that we find around the square.

About Barcelona Plaza Reial

Barcelona Plaza Reial is in the Gothic Quarter, between C/Ferrán and c/Escudellers streets in the center of Barcelona.

Daniel Molina was the architect who designed the square. It has a curiously trapezoidal but will not notice. The fountain of the Three Graces is the meeting point for citizens and tourists.

Many people do not know, but the lampposts were designed by the architect of La Sagrada Familia – Antoni Gaudí.

Lamppost designed by Gaudi, in the Barcelona Real Square

Nightlife in Plaza Reial

Once inside the square, you will see many restaurants and nightclubs with many terraces around the square that is open until late at night. A popular meeting point around the fountain is called «Fuente de las tres Gracias» (text in Spanish) during summertime.

Plaza Reial eat & drink.

Several traditional clubs in Barcelona, such as the Jamboree, open since 1960, the Sidecar, to have drinks or listen to DJs and varied concerts and enjoy a very cozy bar with a terrace.


A perfect atmosphere with tapas and a great variety of beers. It is one of the most traditional bars of the square in Barcelona, ​​where you can enjoy the terrace all year round with stoves in winter and do not miss the atmosphere that permeates the square.


Concert hall to listen to live music. The club has two floors well decorated with jazz sessions and Dancefloor and Hip Hop after a particular hour. For more information, click here


Organize live concerts but also cultural events. The club is a small but typical in the Plaza Real since 1982. Music of all styles, DJ, rock, indie. See more info

Les quinze nits

Excellent food and affordable prices. You will always see a long line when you enter the Plaza Real, knowing where it is. Go well in advance so you do not have to wait in line at this authentic square restaurant. 


Resto Bar with an eclectic atmosphere where you can enjoy tapas or a good meal. It also has a terrace where you can enjoy their famous and original drinks.

How to get to Plaza Reial in Barcelona

By metro: Green line L3 stop Liceu, or yellow line L4 stop Jaume I.

By bus: 59

Only 10 minutes walk from Plaza Catalunya

From Barcelona Hotel Lloret Ramblas , 9 min walk down La Rambla, until Ferran street, you will see the Real Square to the left side of Las Ramblas.